Collider Model #1381

Currently in review…

Clickable areas do not currently work in this showcase mode.



Wonderful - I love the concept and the implementation is masterly! Well done :slight_smile:

ps. Seeing this reminded me that I had not answered your question, sorry. Please see the PM I just sent.

Thanks fellas! And thanks Mike, gonna take a look now!

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Very nice, I see a lot of geared up watchfaces that have movement all over the place and are very “busy”. This one feels balanced. The fact that the gears are dark probably helps with this :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you! Yeah sometimes they can get busy, that’s why I set it up so you can click on the bottom half to close it up and make it look like the face on the left of the image i posted. Thanks again!

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Edit: Clickable areas work now. Click on the bottom half to close the cover!