Colon escaping in condition expression

I’m trying to hide clock in Dim mode (will be replaced by smaller variant of the same) so using this expression:
$#ZLP#==false? #Db#:#DmZ# : $
As you can see, there is colon between HH:MM, but it is also expression operator, can I somehow escape it to be translated as text, not a control character?

Hey @lubomir.moric,
Can you just load two clocks? one that’s on in active mode and one that’s on in dim mode?


And that’s exactly, what I’m trying to achieve. But I cannot hide/unhide clock with colon as a HH : MM separator, as I can’t put colon char in a condition expression, which uses colon as control character.

And by the way, same issue appears, when using e.g. #WSUNRISE24# TAG, it is translated to HH:MM and again, the colon is altering whole expression. Seems there’s need of some refactoring of expression parser.

And as I’m new here, I’m also stupid :slight_smile: Just figured out, that instead of expression for hiding elements in DIM mode, I can use the “eye” icon. So far my issue is solved by that.