Colon on watch face suddenly replaced by lowercase letter t?

Hello all,

Today I noticed that around 10AM the watch face I designed started displaying a t in place of the colon separating hours and seconds. Instead of 11 : 52 right now it is displaying 11t52.

The text in the element looks like this:


It appears normaly in the editor and the app.

Hi @arbpotatoes - which font are you using for that time, and could you send us a link to the watchface in progress? (you can send us the link for the creator as you edit it)

Hi Gavin, can’t figure out how to DM you so hopefully this link doesn’t allow anyone else to edit my watch face or anything.

It’s using an imported font.

If you’re on Windows, go into the control panel and into Fonts. Double-click your font to get the text sample and make sure the punctuation includes a colon.

Hi jmorga106,

It certainly does include a colon, as the character is displayed correctly 99% of the time. Twice since I started wearing my custom watch face about a month ago it has suddenly began displaying a t instead of a colon now.

Hi Gavin.

This popped up again last night for the third time. Rebooting or using force stop on Facer does not fix the issue, nor does resyncing the watch face.

Here is a screenshot.

As you can see, the kerning is not correct for the letter t and has stayed the same as though there was a colon there.