Color aberration

I wrote about a similar issue in my post on loss of vibrancy, and frankly, I still don’t understand how adding an object to a watch face can change the appearance of the underlying background image. Well here’s a more extreme example and perhaps somebody can help me understand what’s going on here.
This is the watch face in question

and this is how it looks on my arm

This is the face after adding the date.

To me they look about the same in Facer Creator, but I have been told that my monitor may not be giving me the right picture; however, this is what the face looks like on my arm once the date is added.

That looks plain awful and doesn’t look anything like it looks in Creator, at least on my monitor. The only difference between the 2 watch faces is the addition of the date!!!
So what’s going on here? Is it my watch (a Samsung Gear S3)? Or something in Creator?
I’ve done over 1000 watch faces and only recently have had a problem with the faces not looking right on my watch, and only after adding an element like the date or a graphic.

I had odd things happening with one of my designs where the result in Creator was different to that on the watch. In my case I had set, unintentionally, a Glow effect on one of the elements which did not show in Creator. Your issue is not quiet the same as mine but it is worth checking the setting of each of the elements?

When you add the date, try adding the blue background again to see if you have the same problem. That may be the only way to fix that.
As to Creator’s Glow and Stroke, I’ve had problems with those, too, so I don’t use them.

Thanks for trying to hep, Andy. No effects on the text.

I don’t understand why it worked, but it did. Now published as Warren Silberstein - Square diamonds on blue info - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your good luck continues. I had some strange happenings going on with a couple of my designs today. Maybe Halloween came early to Facer. :jack_o_lantern: