Color selection on purchased watchface won't apply

I purchased a Predator watchface and I selected a blue color for the face, but all I get is Orange. I’ve selected the color I want and pressed Apply. The app shows that I’ve selected the color I want, but upon uploading, the watchface only provides a Orange watchface. Any suggestions?

Sounds like facer is having some kind of issue with the color not applying on themeable watches. I will message support and see if they have a fix for the issue

Is the issue happening when you triple tap the face or when you try to apply in the mobile app on your phone or both?

When I apply during the mobile app. I did the triple click on the watch and was able to change it that way. Thanks!

From facer: We did have an issue with the themeable option from the Facer mobile app but this should be fixed in the latest app version (4.3.5)