Color Themes can be change automatically

Hello Facer Community,

I’m a new Facer Creator Pro User. I’ve created already some free Watchface’s. I’m busy with a Premium Watchface now. I’ve added in my Design the Theme Picker, so when I press on my Symbol (Flash Symbol) it is open the Menu with the different Colors Possibilities.

My question is: It’s possible when you press on the symbol, that the color can be change automatically in green or orange without the color menu on your watch.

Is there a code or a #tag for it?

Many thanks in advance for your help!
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If you use VAR variables, you can change to a predefined colour when you click on an item, or cycle through the predefined colours. This will no longer be a selection from the colour table.

Hello @lucky.andrei

Excuse me for the late reponse. Thanks for you answer, but the VAR variables are big secrest for me.
I don’t know what can I do with VAR option in creator Pro. Can you send me a examble for the VAR please :thinking:

thanks in advance

OK, a little later :slightly_smiling_face:

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This watch face is open for viewing, just click on the little rocket to the left. It has five six layers. Five are stars of different colours, with a formula in the opacity field.
The layers are five so the formula has a number five in it. When you click on the Var Increment element, the layers are shown one by one.


Hello Lucky,

Thank you, but I don’t see the little rocket in the Left. I see only 5 Symbols.

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Open this watch face in a new tab. For example, click on the name “My new design”

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Thank you. I dont know this, Now is working :point_up:

Hi Lucky,

Many thanks for you help and Eexample. It’s clear now. I installed the VAR Option in my Sample is in the Weekday. It’ working :smiley: Have a good Day and Greetings Andreas


lucky.andrei to the rescue again :smile: Well done Andrei, you’re a true gentleman :clap:
I’m guessing the VAR Increments are only available for Premium Subscribers yes?

Yes, you need a subscription to Creator to use the VAR variables. And you need another Premium subscription to synchronise this kind of watch face :grinning:

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Thanks my friend, I’m just a poor guy, most of my money is spent each month building this -

Full details can be seen HERE if anyone is interested :grin:

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