Color your life with ONLY DIGI 2

I had promised some users that I would do an ONLY DIGI 2 series.
With some new interesting colors and 12H/24H switching.
at this point a big thank you to russellcresser for the support.

the main focus when creating the face was on programming the minute display.

so I wanted everything very clean.
less is more…

the collection

Background created with Corel Draw.
Have fun with my last work. I hope you like it.
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Hey. Well Done.


I like the minimalistic approach. Nice job! I’ll bet you are getting quite a few syncs!

Personally I tend not to do too many colour variations of a particular face, if at all, as I don’t like to flood. However in this case it works, especially with your fancy graphic - that really sells it! Generally I leave that to the guys with the Pro Creator account who have access to the Theme Picker tool.