Colorful Essentials - My First Watch Design

Hey everyone! I’m new around here and I just finished my first watch so I figured I’d share. :slight_smile:

Obviously it’s nothing too complex, I was just going for something clean and modern with the info I need for daily use. The one cool feature I added is that the text temperatures in the weather forecast change color based on how hot (red) or cold (blue) it will be. That, plus the weather icons, should give you a pretty good idea of what the week looks like at a glance.

I hope you can check it out and I’d love to hear any feedback you have.

Already looking forward to making another!


Hi timhicks!

Welcome to Facer Community. :slight_smile:
I really like this and the color concept. Great job!

Thanks! It was a little trickier than I expected to do the dynamic colors and icons for the forecast, but a fun learning experience either way.

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Well done! Very clean design!

Thanks guys, really enjoying the app so far!

Very nice work. You can be proud of it

Looks great @timhicks, i also like the batt drains on the perimeter


Thanks @jmorga106! It took me a little bit to figure out how to make it look like it was draining (without making a ton of different images and changing the transparency) but I think the effect is worthwhile :slight_smile:

I love the looks. I hope in time you would please us Europeans also with this great face in C and 24h :smiley:

Thanks for the kind words! I had a few minutes stuck in a boring meeting so I made a draft using 24 hour time and celsius degrees. Hopefully it works for you (I haven’t done any testing outside the builder yet), let me know if you run into any issues. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. It is on my watch now. Tomorrow at work I will give it a test drive.

mm weird…phone keeps showing the other F and am/pm skin. Even though I deleted them