Colour picker for Theme selection

Couldn’t find a perfectly relevant feature request category, so posting it here. Please move if needed.

I appreciate the colour presets the designer can choose for a theme, but the colour I want is typically not included.
I try to take a picture of something yellow, but the application translates that into yellow-brown shades typically.
Can we please just have a colour picker? Just let me choose the colour I want! Bonus points if it has a ‘recent custom colours’ and the ability to enter a colour hex code!
Thanks for listening!

Agreed. When you make your default theme color white, it gives you a pretty good rainbow of colors, but yellow is not represented.

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late response to this post, but can we have designer colour pallet for the user theme picker, 6 colours would be enough

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Handed this feature directly to the owner himself. Told me it won’t get prioritized unless more people request it though.