Combing var values

i need help. i am new to this and i am looking to find out how to combine
$#Ds#>30&&#Ds#<=45?100:0$ with $#VAR_2#==0?100:0$ so that when i swith to var 2 my background images that come on and off dont. I know i can just add a layer of it all and hide it but i am trying not to have to do that and just combine them. if there is a way please let me know

Welcome @jagranieri :slightly_smiling_face:


What is what?
x is your tag that you want to check.
y is the start of the range.
z is the end of the range.
Make sure that z>y.

thank you for that but when i plugged it in my image doesnt show at all

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Thank you for your help. It works and I’m glad you broke it down so I can know how to write it for other things

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@jagranieri When you finish the watchface, can you please post a link to it so I can see what you were trying to do? It’s easier than trying to visualize this in my brain. Thanks!

Have finished it but its not posted yet. Im testing it on my watchface to see if i like it for a few days but when I get home from work i will share it on here so you can see what it is i am doing

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jagranieri - Hybrid - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer here you can see what i am doing with the image of the soccer club logo. The soccer club has 2 different names for our program and all the coaches are getting smartwatches so I wanted to give them the club logos on the face and have it change as the time does as well. Then when they switch to chrono i needed the faces to stay hidden so they would see the digital time from the chrono

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