Combining Accelerometer with transparency?

Hi @ll.

I experimented a little bit but as i am very poor in coding i need help.

Is it possible to create a fading effect on layers with the accelerometer expression (transparency field)?

What i want to try is some sort of opalizing effect depending an the wrist rotation, with changing transparencies of coloured layers. Something like a nacre look.

Anyone any good idea how to achieve such an effect?

Greetings, GAUSS.

In one of my experiments I have tried this two antagonist layers to simulate something similar…
it is a little bit “improvisation” without rules but it is a starting point

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I tried to use gyro for gloss. This is probably the best result I’ve ever achieved.



@petr.patocka Thanks. The gyro gloss effect is very nice but i used this already on my „GAUSS-Tourbillion“


This formula is for the transparency field? I will try to experiment with it.

Could it work with the accelerometer as well?

Thanks a lot both of you for your help!

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Tested a little bit around with your formulas and enhanced them. Looks quiet good already.

Accelerometer is working as well but gyro seems to be better.

Just a testing range:

Testet with my Ticwatch : positive!
But I cannot see a heart on my watch… Already deleted :wink:

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Pffft. No hearts on my watch…


Was just a placeholder from another project.

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