Coming soon! B Sharp - Heartcore , fully animated tourbillon

Coming soon! This is my original design called Heartcore. This has been available on the Watchmaker Premium platform since early last summer. The full version has 5 color schemes and a “Hybrid Mode” to display smart watch info. I’d like to make a similarly full featured version available on Facer, but can-not/will-not do that unless/until I have Designer Partner status. A ridiculous amount of time goes into creating all these elements from scratch! Can’t give everything away for free :slight_smile: But I have made this new cosmetic variant which is exclusive to Facer. Surprisingly I have not found a single fully and properly animated tourbillon watch on Facer. Even the Waldhoff faces are missing the pallet fork. This could possibly be the first!


Looks great!

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Very nice watch face. But it will take time to get invited to the partner program. All of us that are now partners made a lot of free watch faces before, invested a lot time without getting paid. It‘s a privilege, a honour you have to earn first. With a lot of syncs, with a lot of followers. And they have a waiting list… you can‘t compare it to the google or samsung store…

Don’t get me wrong, I think you are able to go that way but there is no shortcut.

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@GAUSS Thanks, I have read the threshold requirements so I’m aware it will take some time. That’s why I’ve already published 10 or 11 faces in the little over a week I’ve been here! :slight_smile: But, I hesitate to offer free duplicate versions of my work that I charge for elsewhere, that just wouldn’t make much sense. I do want to present faces that are properly representative of the standard and characteristics of B Sharp work though. That’s why I’ll put this face up and other “Facer Only” versions of some of my more popular existing faces. And it’s also why I am doing the “Inspiration” series because I have many faces already complete that I can fairly easily adapt for free offerings here. The only path I see to move things along is to put up a bunch of quality content.

So… apologies in advance for saturating the market! :smile:

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No problem. Lol.