Coming soon - GAUSS Chamaeleon

Hi @ll,

i want to indroduce my next watch face to come: GAUSS Chamaelon. My Goal was a maximum overdrive in user customization, based on my GAUSS Discovery. I made nearly a total rebuild of the entire watch.

Feel free to explore the wonderful world of customization. 1001 possibilites are waiting for you to find your personal style.

Just click on the top 6 blocks at the outer ring.

Some examples:

I hope you enjoy!


Phantasico aka GAUSS


…buy 1 get 1001 ;)… nice background textures…

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WOW!!! That is gonna be so awesome when its done.

Very cool - 500 faces in one! Good job :slight_smile:

I saw this on Instagram and got pretty excited about it. I have the same reaction each time you release something new. Jaw hits the floor and I stand staring in awe… lol

Dear phantasico !

please help me - I´ve bought the “GAUSS Chaemeleon”, but later I´ve found “GAUSS Discovery Gun Metal” that I felt in love with!

I ve already tried for hours, but I cant get the same dark colours on my Chaemeleon like on Gun Metal. How can I choose those dark colours? I still want to benefit from Interaction on Chaemeleon, but also I d like to have same dark colours as on Gun Metal.

I d very appreciate any help…

Hi, @aleksej.sandler

Your wish is my command - just added 5 layers (black hour blocks, black display, black deco blocks, black Display field, black outer ring). You should now be able to combinate it to your desired gun metal version.

Please reload the watch and it should do the job.

Greetings, GAUSS.


Hello @GAUSS !

one more question - when I switch to another face and then switch back to GAUSS Chamaeleon, all my customized layer colours get reseted.

Is this normal or is this a known problem?

I believe this is normal. You have to customize it again.

Yes, this is normal, same on my watch.

Hello @GAUSS!

any chance to get the blue glowing hour blocks like in GAUSS Discovery Gun Metal instead of the green ones?

I am sorry, @aleksej.sandler but i can‘t change this separately, i already used all possible variable parameters.

It would mean that everyone will get blue, even if they like the green more…

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Yes thank you for this. Your chameleon face has helped me understand how to code my newest face, soon to be published.

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