Coming soon ... GAUSS Circles

Finally it´s done …

Currently in review by facer it will now only take a few more days until it gets published.

This watch face is my most ambitious work at the moment. I wanted to combine art, design and functionality, paired with a good readability and with a touch of luxury.

It is fully customizable in a hundred ways with a metallic look. The main display field has beautiful light effects, one animated and a special changing plasma background.

The entire watch was layouted and created in 3D via AutoCAD and polished up with Photoshop.

Try it out yourself …


I know what I’ll be wearing to work tomorrow!!!

Well, then let‘s hope they are fast with the review of the watch face.

I think it will take some more time due to the christmas holidays…


Very nice design and artwork! love the sneaker icon…


Thanks a lot. Took me some time to create it. Unfortunatly i added it after the preview pics… :wink:

Ufffff just the demo images are so amount of work👏congrats!!! The face is beautiful!

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Awesome face - really like it. Great job! :+1:

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Thank you verymuch, @carlosfilippa & @jmorga106.

I hope the potential customer will like it too, it is a bit atypical.

I like in full-black :black_circle:

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Full black is cool but my personal favourite is full black with red inlays and a red screen. :slight_smile: Blue and gold is as well a very nice variation or a combination of copper and gold.