Coming soon - GAUSS Cloud 9

Okay - now one for the ladies. It was a wish of my beloved wife to build this one. Currently it´s in review but will be out soon.

Maybe i will build a black version in future.


Fully animated, realistic working skeleton watch.
Customizable display fields including neon colors and an animated starfield.
Switchable extended informations.
Multiple app access.

I hope you enjoy.


So good! You’ve done it again Mr @GAUSS


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Does everything you touch turn to gold in real life too?

Unfortunately not or i would be a rich man.

But i am doing my very best to reach that goal.

All i try to do is focus on the things i do.

For me there is no half way…

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It’s terrible. Start over.


Wonderful and beautiful! Another great one, well done!

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Thank you!!!

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Can’t quite put my finger on it…oh, yeah, needs more colors.

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Even more colors???

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Can’t see the hands.

You mean: To less contrast to the watch face itself?

Yes. The hands blend in too much. But otherwise, very pretty.

I think you are right. It‘s far better at the black edition of the GAUSS Cloud 9. More contrast to the background…