Coming soon - GAUSS Expedition

Hi all, i want to introduce my newest baby, the GAUSS Expedition. It really took a long time to develop but now it´s finally complete and currently in review.

I hope you enjoy! I already tested it on my smartwatch and it really looks very fine!

Greetings, GAUSS.


Very nice, the detail is great! Love the upper dial and you designed to change to different data.Love the compass design! DIM mode is exceptional Enjoy! ~Sirhc

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Thank you very much!!!

Another masterpiece of ingenuity and design - just when I think you have set the ultimate bar you go and raise it higher! Well done!


wow !
Just mindblowing.
Amazing work, well done !!!

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Thank you very much! Then it was worth the work. I must confess that this one is one of the most complex watch faces i ever did.

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I haven´t got into making watches with the #VAR# function.
I guess I will enjoy it, I do programming for a living.

Maybe one day if I feel I can make some profit I will take it more seriously, at the moment it’s more of a hobby
But at the moment I will focus on free watches.

Another center, congratulations.

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The work of GAUSS is amazing as always!

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Thaaaank you!

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