Coming soon - GAUSS Saucers Mini game

It´s finally finished and currently in review by the facer staff but will be published soon.

The GAUSS-Saucers mini game.

I don´t know how many hours i worked on this one but finally i reached my ambitious goal.

Hope you enjoy that mini game. It´s very good for some stress relief. :wink: Try it out.

Greetings, Phantasico

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That’s so hard! My best score war to get 2 enemies down… somehow… :wink:

You get used to it. :wink:

But i must confess that i don‘t get 3 ones all the time - but there must be a challenge.

Which one of the saucers is the meanest?

…the closest one is “impossible” to shoot… a huge challenge for me :wink:

Yes. For me too… but its makeable.

:smile: …you believe its makeable?

For sure.

I got this damn close saucer several times with my big fat laser cannon and blasted it into pieces! :-)))