Coming soon GAUSS-Singularity

Hi @ll. At the moment in review by facer this one is coming up next.

Tried my best to reach a AOD- Mode near to a „Chromalight“ look. I hope you enjoy!

Greetings and a Happy New Year, GAUSS.


Looks great! I love how the glow is transparent, layered and reflective. Now if only in DIM mode we could use small animations and effects! If you could use the same effect like your candle with a small movement of the glow it would be perfect!

Very Nice!


Thank you! There will be a watch very soon with glow effect. I already tested them in my GAUSS-Tourbillion.

At the moment i am working on a shimmer effect on carbone as well. :slight_smile:

The candle was difficult. It‘s a mixture of a picture sequence and rand-effects on the lights surrounding the candle.

Another great design. I’m so glad I became a premium members. Much cheaper then buying them one by one. Excellent work Grandmaster!!!


Thank you! Best decision ever, @chad! :slight_smile:

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The ‘glow’ from raised marks should be constrained by their raised metallic rim. So, should be more defused …

You are right @andrew.dowden. Physically it is that way… and there should be a small shadow ring around the chrome mark. But … this way it looks better :slight_smile: Sometimes it is a question of artistic freedom. I don‘t claim to make everything hyperrealistic even if i am an perfectionist. :wink: Greetings, GAUSS.

I too am a perfectionist. :sunglasses: But, I agree.

I always change things to emphasise, hide, or enhance certain elements or features. Hyper-realistic never looks quite right anyway.


Exact. That‘s the spirit. And if everything would be perfect life would become a boring place…

Or we could go further and say: Real perfection lies within the imperfection…

Life is so stunning awesome. :slight_smile:


Better example of Rolex glow variants …

Rolex DateJust II (left) vs. Rolex Chromalight (right)

Something to consider when adding a glow effect for a lumed dim design on these faces…

The more glow you add the worse it actually looks on some smart watches. On one it can look defined properly while on another it can, and sometimes will tint almost the entire display the color of the glow. Also keeping the dial that bright with the lume over it sometimes will exceed a smartwatches ambient opr % and not work for that given watch. All Samsung gear watches have a maximum 15% AOD opr cap. The watches evaluate the dim design each time the watch enters the ambient state and if the % exceeds 15 than the watch won’t display the face on AOD.

Also the higher the opr% on dim the more pixels lit so the higher battery drain.

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I alread reduced the glow effect… :slight_smile:

But thanks for all your hints.

No problem. I am somewhat known as a lume guy on other platforms and I have seen the good and bad of it lol.

Yep. I do get userwishes for battery saving AOD-modes and for bright ones nearly in the same amount…

Yep same here on all my paid faces. In the long run the darker is always better to prevent screen burn in on amoled as well so darker wins out if it can only be one or the other. Also not sure if you can do this on facer with the designers tools, but an extra layer can be added with an action and scripted to darken everything like 10% or 20% each tap on some platforms so the end user can darken to their liking. That also helps for faces where the OPR% on ambient might exceed a watches max cap so the end user could darken it and have it work for them as well.

Well, the tic watch pro i am now wearing is a nice solution. After some time of inactivity it changes from AOD to LCD mode. I really can use it for more than four days without loading…

And screen burn is not a problem with the seperate lcd screen.

But for sure i try to create watch faces for every type of smartwatch…