Coming soon - GAUSS-Timeline

Already in preview, might be published soon, my newest creation: GAUSS-Timeline.

My intention was to design a customizable modern and elegant business watch. Added some nice light animations, especially the plasma effect looks very cool.

I hope you enjoy.

Comments welcome.

Greetings and a nice weekend, GAUSS.


Wonderful. I love the glow that counts the seconds - very mesmerizing!

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Thank you, @mikeoday. Glad you like it.

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@GAUSS GREAT WORK! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Nice works @GAUSS , not only for the watch but also for the banners !!!

Hey, it reminds me KITT in the Knight Rider :wink:


Lol. Me too. Or the cylon warriors from battlestar galactica…

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hahaha, right, it works too !!!


like it ! I maked someone with an effect like this few month ago :

for the idea, you could modulate the plasma frequency with the heartbeat frequency, it’s could be a funny thing…(it’s a futur project that I have but shhh)

I won‘t tell anyone… :slight_smile:

I already made a modulated heart rate ekg at one of my watch faces…

Nice one, well done!