Coming soon - GAUSS-Vintage

After so many people asked for another animated Pin-Up style watch face i decided to create one.

I hope you gonna enjoy.

It works on round and square devices. To get an info about how to use it just tap the head of the beautiful lady. Tap in the middle to open/close the hidden weather info.

When opened - the speed of the moving windshield wiper visually shows the heartrate.

Greetings, GAUSS.


Wonderful! I’m be in love!

She´s a cutie, isn´t she? And the red corvette is my personal dream car!

'58 vette? Love it! :heart_eyes:

Oops! I didn’t see the car until now. :wink:

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Ha ha ha ha …

Me, too. It´s the best ever… Just saw it live last weekend at the classic cars exibition at castle Dyck…

That´s one of the Photos i made…


It was like a journey back in time … i made about 2000 photos… and after selecting the best ones i made some artwork with lightroom.

If you’re interested, maybe sellers will ship to Germany. :grin:

Nice. But unfortunately a little bit to costly for me…

I’ll be sharing your watch face with my friends in AACA.

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Nice, but what´s AACA?

I will buy it soon for @GAUSS ! I have got already $22. :joy:

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Yeah! I appreciate that! And i can wait a long time … :slight_smile:

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For very very long time…

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Hmm… why did i know before what you wanted to write… :wink:


Okay … See, i am a good friend. When you buy the Corvette for me, i try to get the money to get a De Tomaso P72 for you…

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We will get our favorite car in same time. :joy:

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