Coming Soon... Interactive Models in one face

I’ve been working on this one for a couple of weeks now (driving me crazy lol). It’s still unfinished and unnamed. In the past I’ve built one face that has multiple information screens, and one face with multiple color styles. Now this is one face in multiple product lines.

This is the primary style Skeleton watch.

…or you’ll be able to “turn on” a subdial with multiple tap configs (date, weather, steps, etc). and the dials are pickable white, black, silver, red.

…or maybe you don’t like the skeleton style at all. You’ll be able turn the entire skeleton infrastructure off with one tap. and maybe you also want to hide the two-tone style.
…and different collections of hour dots. white, black, red, white n black, white n red…

All coming soon. I still have a long way to go.


…it looks great!

Absolutely awesome! :heart_eyes:
You Premium Guys will never cease to amaze me.

Absolutly great, @jmorga106!

It‘s worth all the work!

Outstanding watchfaces take some time.

I have been working on something similar (although don’t yet have the new toys, available to Premium Designers).

It is a fully working ‘geared clock’ underneath, not just a skeleton.

It is about 85% complete. It would definitely lend itself to allowing the user to ‘peel back the layers’ …

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Wow, looks awesome! Great work.

Oh man, John, that’s incredible. Absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing. I think I’ll be first in line to buy!

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