Coming Soon - RadioActive

Please let me know your thoughts/suggestions…good or bad, I like it all.

Thank you!


Great animation effect but it took me some time to find out how the time is displayed.

It‘s a little bit hard to read imho…

Yeh I was trying/still am. To figure out the best way to do it and not take away from the animation.

You think hands? Or maybe have the whole mark be green for the hour…I will get it. I just have to stare at it long enough during work :wink:

My suggestion would be to make the whole tick mark green like you said for the hours instead of the box around the tick mark. Also this is just a preference thing but I think with a design like this the minute hand if you will should tick also instead of the smooth motion that you have it on now. It might be easier to tell if you had a light that moved around like the minutes but for the seconds. This would help the user to identify that the lights on the outside also signify time. Since the minute hand isn’t moving to begin with it might get understood at first glance. Even if the second hand is the exact same as the minute hand you will still be able to easily tell the difference between the two. Also when I first looked at the part that I didn’t get at first was the purple parts. I cant really understand what those are there for and I find them distracting. Other then that though the animation is really cool. I would wear this watch.

Thanks @syntaxracing and @GAUSS . As far as the background. I just put that there for the “test”…was planning on an almost black/carbon background for publish…in the AM I will explore all the options for the hands and post an update. I appreciate all the input so far. It’s a community like this that produces great faces!

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Was busy today but did change the hour hand/tick mark. Will gradually get the rest. Until then I will stop posting until I have another full update. Thanks for the input.

your animation is cool :+1:

Does this come with a hazmat suit?

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