Coming Soon - Starburst Contemporain

Funny origin of this face… I started a new design idea a few days ago before heading off to the beach with no PC to work on. When I came home last night I was continuing that design (which is much more involved and will take some time to develop) and I accidently discovered this beautiful minimal face hiding underneath all the layers. (You’ll see what I mean whenever the other one is finished.) It was so tempting to leave this as “time only” and super spartan, but I was determined to get in power level and date without messing up the vibe. Coming soon… it came together so fast I need to step away for a bit and come back to it to be sure I don’t see anything needing attention. But I think it’s probably done.


Looks nice. Might look nice as one of your “sun burst” variations too.
I wonder how it would look with the battery indicator rotated 90 degrees CCW at that position, or 45 degrees CW, above the 6

Thanks! I considered a few power dial options, but for several reasons this is going to be it. One, I don’t always want to repeat the same style from watch to watch, thus the particular rotation of this one. For me the layout needs balance, so that’s primarily why it’s where it it instead of say above 6, that would make the right side too heavy.