Communtiy summary

In the past the Facer Community Summary email contained sample/new Facer plates…where did that go ? I’m mssing it.

Hi, nice to have you return to the community.
How long ago was that? I don’t recall ever receiving something like that. Most of the time I access Facer via the computer. That way I can go to Browse>Recent to view all new designs. Could it have been a notification of new designs published by someone you are following? I think that still works.

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Hi Linay,

I’m not sure , but I tracked some old email and it was before May 2022.
The community email show “Since your last vist”, then “Popular Posts” and finally “New for you”
This last section was always filled with new plates. Lately these show almost no plates anymore.

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That’s interesting. I don’t recall ever seeing that type of email. Perhaps my email client removed them figuring they were junk mail.