Companion app for Samsung

Im new to all of this but it keeps telling me that the companion app doesn’t exist and i go through the link provided. Why cant i download it from somewhere else

You could try this:

  1. On your phone, open “Galaxy Wearable” App

  2. Scroll down until you find the “Galaxy Store” icon and select it

  3. At the top of the Galaxy Store screen, select the magnifying glass icon to open the search bar.

  4. Type in “Facer Companion” and search.

Hopefully it will show up ( it just did for me when I tested the above steps )

I hope it helps.


If I go straight to the Galaxy Store from the phone ( ie. without calling it from the Galaxy Wearable App ) I can not find Facer Companion using the search function. It only works for me if I follow the steps above. Strange …

It’s not that it wont show up, i go through the link provided by the app and it tells me the app itself doesnt exist

Mmm, which App? Galaxy Wearable?

It was there when I tried it yesterday. Did you try the instructions above?