Companion App non existant

Galaxy Active watch bought in USA. Facer app on my Android phone AND companion app installed and working.

However, now I am traveling in China, and my issues begin. First I noticed when I go to Galaxy App on the phone, everything is in Chinese!!! Second, Facer companion is NOT AVAILABLE!

My Facer watchface I use normally is Supermarine IV. I simply wanted to change the hand color. Facer would make the change, but it would not change on the watch, Then the seconds hand froze, so I tried again to install from the phone app, And yes my watch was connected fine.

I decided to remove facer from my watch and just reload it. Now the problems began! There is no link, method or place to go to install companion app again. I contacted Galaxy support, they told me that viamy sim card Galaxy knows I am in a new country and automatically changes my Galaxy account to reflect the local language. WHAT THE HELL??? Stupid logic on Samsungs part.

Anyway, as a result (pointing finger at Facer), I do not have a source to simple add the companion app to my watch. So here I am outside the USA for several months with no way to use my purchased watchfaces.

I certainly would like some feedback what is going on, and how to resolve this.

Maybe someone from support could provide you with a link to directly download the APK.

Another drastic option can be:
They are some third party programs that are able to download the APK files from google play.
And you can also access the google play store in the states via a VPN (not sure about the legal situation of using VPN´s in china)

Other than that, Samsung can´t help you.
China has really hard censorship rules, that is why, while you are in china, you can only connect to the Chinese store, where the govt can “moderate” all the content.

Hope you can find a solution soon !