Compass direction

Hello, I have a question. I would like to create a compass in which I set a fixed point with LON and LAT. now, if there is a deviation from this point, the direction should be displayed in the form of 4 images such as N S E W. I tried it with (00.0000<(XX.XXXXXX - #LAT#))

From this I get true or false now I would like to know how I can display the image transparently or not

If I understand you correctly, you would put the following in the Opacity field of the image for North:
$#LAT#<XX.XXXXXX?100:0$, which would translate into “if the current location is south of the wanted location, show the North arrow”

N: $#LAT#<XX.XXXXXX?100:0$
E: $#LNG#>XX.XXXXXX?100:0$
S: $#LAT#>XX.XXXXXX?100:0$
W: $#LNG#<XX.XXXXXX?100:0$

This is a very simple way to show the direction though, it will not always show you the shortest way there. When going from LNG -179 to LNG 179, it will show East (and it will be 358 degrees away), while it should probably show West at that point (only 2 degrees away).

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yes this is what i try, but if i send it to my watch (galaxy watch 4 Classic 42mm) it shown the “direction” no mater of the location i try to enter. so north dont disapear if i set a value above north

Maybe add parentheses to the values?


ok that seems to work. thanks a lot. i will try it under the right conditions

thanks again

Only one thing. Is it possible to build in a tolerance that when you are in the approximate radius of the coordinates, they are hidden. at the moment you have to be exactly at the coordinates that they are all 4 hidden. I hope you understand what i mean.

That should be possible… Let’s say you want a margin of 0.1 degrees, you would add/substract that from your value. Something like:
N: $(#LAT#)<(XX.XXXXXX-0.1)?100:0$
E: $(#LNG#)>(XX.XXXXXX+0.1)?100:0$
S: $(#LAT#)>(XX.XXXXXX+0.1)?100:0$
W: $(#LNG#)<(XX.XXXXXX-0.1)?100:0$

(So minus when using < and plus when using >)

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awesome. i will try, it but on Creator it looks good so i think it will work. 1k Thanks to you

you’re welcome :wink:

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