Compass moving in sequence?

Is it possible to get a the compass as a marker that moves around an analog watch face like the grey marker in the picture (south west)?

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This is one.
It looks complex because it is converting a, Heading to a rotation.
If it is not what you want we can Tweak it.


Hi Russell,
I added your code and moved it to the right side (east). Then I added a basic compass for verification.
It then looks like this:
Then I uploaded it to my watch, and that looks like this:

A bugg in the software? Or…?

The “0” on the watch face doesn’t move around when I spin the watch.

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Hmmm, maybe my Gear 3 Frontier doesn’t have a compass?

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Crap! No compass :frowning:


That is what I was just going to ask. I do not have a Compass on my watch but have published them. I have a Huawie GT2 that someone gave me. Beautiful compass no Facer.
I can Test Compass stuff on the Facer Phone App from my Draft in the Watch Box.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

aadfsf don’t hold a grudge against me but it made me laugh!


No it is all good fun . Here it a test I was doing . trying to dismiss the compass if it did not exist . However on a watch it is a n Integer whereas on the Facer it is a floating point . So you get a flash of no compass at Zero . oh well I tried .

It’s worth a laugh :slight_smile: