Compass not showing

Hi there, I’ve designed my watch face and eve8is fine EXCEPT when I transfer the face to my watch the compass does not appear. If anyone can help me that would be fantastic

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I’m not sure which watch you have, but my Samsung Active 2 for example, it either doesn’t seem to have a compass, or it’s disabled for one reason or another. Either way if I add a compass “letter” to a watch face and load it onto my Active 2, that “letter” doesn’t show at all.

Samsung doesn’t support a compass. The Facer tag page has it listed as such.

#CMP# Compass Angle (not currently available on Tizen) 25.99001
#CMPS# Compass String (short; not currently available on Tizen) NNE
#CMPSS# Compass String (not currently available on Tizen) North East

I sure wish Samsung did support it since I own two of them.

Yeah that’s where I got my info. Sadly that isn’t very specific xD not entirely sure why it’s currently not available, as in maybe temporarily, kind of like the electrocardiogram feature for the active 2, it has one, just can’t make use of it yet. Maybe one of these days our watches will suddenly have a compass xD A guy can dream :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was wondering the same thing… and why can the watch not get compass bearings from the connected phone? Seems pretty short sighted maybe I will need to create a bridge workaround for this issue…

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Sadly Samsung uses a magnetic charging base so until they Change that a Magnetometer will never work on a Tizen Watch. Unfortunately the compass on your Phone will never know which way you are pointing your watch.

Possibly set up for tandem use… I was also thinking of taking the compass reading from gps movement so that you could read the compass while moving only that be a little easier I think… Lat and Lon still work I believe set up compass with expressions If lat and lon decreases or increasses and correspond the direction with the effect.

$#LAT#>#LAT#+.000?x=“E”:$#LAT#<#LAT#-.000?x=“W”:$#LAT#±==0.000?" “:$#LNG#>#LNG#+.000?x=“N”:$#LNG#<#LNG#-.000?x=“S”:$#LNG#±==0.000?” ":#CMPS#=x+y$

or something along those lines (still learning this tag math stuff)

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I think you will have to subscribe to Premium to get that to work with Variables . I have not seen anything like that working.

sometimes the most difficult problems have the simplest answers :grinning:

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