Compatibility enquiry

is the umidigi’s uwatch2 support facer app? if yes, how?

Hello! I just bought uwatch 3 from umiDigi and also looking for some way to change faces.
Any tip will be appreciated

To be able to use Facer, you need the following:

A smart phone running Android paired with a smart watch running WearOS or Tizen.
(There is support for Apple as well, but since the Apple watch only allows limited user customisation, most of the nice Facer functionality is not available; AFAIK you can’t do much more than upload background images).

From what Google finds, it seems like Umidigi watches run a proprietary OS (i.e not WearOS), so I doubt if the Facer companion app will be compatible (at present).
Facer will need to develop a companion app first. You need to contact Facer support if you want to enquire if this is on their road map.