Complicating a Back and Forth Motion with Time

So I’m trying out another experiment. I want to create a moving element using the “Back and Forth Motion” recipe, but at the bottom of the movement sync with another image that is also working in time with a transparency feature. For instance using the prototype here:

I have a simple static image of Mario jumping. At the bottom of his jump (where he should be touching ground), I want to replace his image with another one where he is in a standing position.

When I run the sequence on either the editor or on my watch, I notice that the movements get out of sync. The time in the standing Mario seems to be moving ever so slightly faster causing this image to become transparent earlier and earlier. Either that or the ‘jumping’ Mario is moving slower than the #DWFSS# time is counting off. Is the recipe for the back and forth motion slowed down at all with this:
(230 + sin((#DWFSS#))*25)
230 is the starting (or middle) position
25 should be the extent of the SIN wave height (is this correct?)
No other numbers are interacting with the #DWFSS# tag.

The ‘standing’ Mario is running on the following formula:
Note: I do need to adjust the timing somewhat for the interval, but notice that there is some calculation putting these out of sync.It must be in this formula somewhere? Should I convert this to a SIN wave function as well with a similar IF/Than statement?

Just another thought along with this expression. How would you calculate the time where the object hits the bottom and top of a wave? Should this be simple math where the wave is broken into 4 parts: start to bottom, bottom to start, start to top, top to start? Are each of these sections equal in time?

In this case, each would equal 0.25 seconds?

Yes, they are equal.

Any ideas on the timing issue. Why is one moving faster than the other?

If the dsm-ds timing is based on 8 frames a second I should be shooting for a gap of time around 0.25 of the dwfss second.

2 thing:

  1. enable inspection mode of that face
  2. check if both periods are equal

Apparently there is no way to enable inspection mode with Publishing. Here is the link:

I’m not sure if periods equal each other comparing the #DWFSS# value to the value of (#Dsm#-#Ds#). What if I just replace #DWFSS# with (#Dsm#-#Ds#)? I’ll try testing that.

For standing one (transparency):

For jumping one:
y position: