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[Complication] Coinbase Tracker

Just tested Coinbase Tracker on Android Wear on Surf Shack. Works well and makes it easy to know what the current value of bitcoin is at a glance. See below:

Only downside is that tapping on the complication does nothing when I would have expected it to launch the associated tracker app on the watch. Maybe in a future update?

Face: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.facer.wutronic.fcrm2oKrS23rY
Complication: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.robin_beer.coinbasetracker&hl=en


First of all: Thank you very much for featuring my app/complication on here :slight_smile:.
Iā€™m very happy that you like it!

Concerning your problem with it not opening the app when you tap it: This is actually how it is currently meant to be.
The automatic refresh interval is currently set to 60 seconds (Iā€™m not yet sure about the perfect value for that and would be happy about some feedback), but Android Wear does not necessarily stick in order to save battery. Because of this, I set the complication to refresh on tap so you can always be sure to see up-to-date information.

So I actually would not like to change this behavior at the moment. However, what I could do, is to implement a setting, which allows the user to select which tap-action they want to use.


Oh, great seeing you here @robin-beer and got it about the logic behind the tap action doing nothing. I think from my perspective as a user, I almost naturally expect the tap to do something, especially for a tracker like this - Iā€™d imagine tapping would show me additional information like a chart for the day or something like that.

Either way, cool complication, well done!


Wow nice app @robin-beer. Looks good!


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@jmorga106 Thank you :slight_smile:. Happy you like it!

If you or anyone else has any feature requests I would be happy to implement them.

Real-world use case for that complication, shown on Planetary 2.0. Bitcoin just hit $10k! cc @robin-beer

Amazing!!!, I just started recently a few ago on Facer, would you be releasing this code/feature to the public so it can be implemented to their custom faces?

I would die to be able to use this feature on my watch face!

Would ETH and LTC be supported?