[Complication] General Date/Month - Round space

Here’s a simple one - the standard date & month. Many designers will publish a face with the Date/Month displayed in one of the spaces. You may want to just load the Date/Month, or you may have changed a space and you want to go back to the default Date/Month.

The Date/Month item is actually in the standard Clock App in your Android app drawer. Tap the clock, tap the date icon, and you’re back where you were.

If the comp space is themed, then the Month will stay at it’s default color and the Date will take on the theme color. Looks great in a round space.

You can try it out on the watch face I’m wearing:



Hi @jmorga106, you’ve inspired to me to make a series of Android Complication faces, here’s one:

I can’t test these on my watch (Tizen), can the user only use the conditionals that are shown in the Facer app, date, steps, sunrise, battery?
All the best, @hayden

Looks good @hayden! No, watchfaces “leave the factory” (you) with any of those four built-in. but from there, the user can long-press and switch those spaces to any application they have running on their watches that generates a readable output. since it’s so new, offerings are sort of all over the place right now. Bit of the wild west so to speak.


Hi @jmorga106 OK got it thanks. In your opinion is it something you think users will be interested in?

I think so. tap-configuration already exists on some other platforms, and on individual developer watchfaces. this is a good thing.