[Complication] General Steps - Round space

Here’s another simple one - the standard daily steps count. Many designers will publish a face with the Steps Count displayed as one of the 4 default Creator complication spaces. You may want to just load the Step Count in, or you may have changed a space and you want to go back to the default Step Count.

The Step Count item is in the Android FIT App in your Android app drawer. Tap the Fit app, tap the STATS icon, tap the STEPS icon and you’re back where you were.

If the comp space is themed, then the actual steps count will stay at it’s default color and word “Steps” will take on the theme color. Looks great in a round space.

You can try it out on the watch face I’m wearing:



Nice @jmorga106! you should link to the watch face you use for that review - that would help other users try that out themselves (and get you more downloads!)


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Great set of instructions. You need to post this as a Medium article for Facer Academy tutorials.