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Hi everyone I’m new here and could use some help. I’m trying to make a custom watch face for a galaxy watch 5 and I’d like to set specific complications. The problem I’m having is facer won’t show the complications I would like to use (Google maps being one.) Any time I go the wear store or play store on my watch I have the option to use app shortcuts with other faces that are on there. Even some other apps seem to allow this. Is this not allowed by facer or am I missing a permission? Any help would be greatly appreciated I’m really getting desperate

To be able to do what you want, 1st you have to have the Pro upgrade to be able to create interactive faces. Second you will need to use one of the customizable elements.
After that you will need to finish setting up your customizable complication on your watch that you have downloaded the face onto. When putting them into the watch face in the creator you will have to select from some “placeholder” options that will be changed by you as the end user.

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Did all that the problem is don’t have the option to choose let’s say Google maps as an option. I have I think all the widgets that come pre installed as an option. But like I said when I do a watch face from the play store on my watch there’s an option for app shortcut but facer doesn’t appear to allow that. Again idk if facer won’t/can’t or it’s a permission issue.

Unfortunately you have limited options with Facer…

Facer is stuck with OS 2.0 and watch 5 is using OS 3.5.
So, old stuff will work, new things will not or - at best - will not work well.

So how can we get them to update? Angry letters? Lol