Complications for calories and distance

Heya, folks,

I’ve got the Facer creation tool downloaded and installed, and I’m trying to cobble together some watch faces.

I can’t find any way to add distance or calorie complications, yet there are tons of watch faces here that have them. I only see steps and heart rate under the Health Complications section, nor do I see those complications under any other sections.

I also don’t see any for sun rise/set, and yet, again, many faces here have them.

How are designers adding these features?

Thank you for your time and help.

Take care,

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Hi @louandmaura
You can check the docs here:
There are sunrise/set tags.

As for the calories and distance, those don’t exist, people calculate them from the step count.
You should search the forums, some expressions should be available.


Ah, thank you very much… I should have known it wouldn’t be as easy as just placing steps & heart rate complications, lol.

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If you go to this link TOMAJA Mini Tutorial How To Convert Steps Into Miles Kilometres Calories Sport Time It will have all the complications on that page you will need.


Thank you very much.

Seems I’ve got a lot to learn, but… eh… what else am I gonna do in my downtime? lol.


Welcome to the Community @louandmaura where you’ve already found out that there are lots of friendly/helpful people, and heaps to learn. Good luck in creating :+1: