Condition to see if the animation has been played?

I have an animation the plays on the radius of a circle that just enlarges it when the 3000 or more steps is achieved and the watchface is on:
$#ZSC#>= 3000?(0+(interpAccel(#DWE#, 1, 1.7, 0.5)*150)):0$

I want the animation to play when 3000 steps is achieved, the watch is on, and only once (i.e. the second time you turn on the watch it will not play when you have more than 3000 steps). Is there any way to do this?

Thanks in advance

EDIT: I do not have Facer Pro which gives me access to variables

I can not think of a way but hopefully someone who has tried to do something similar will jump in and help - if it is possible of course.

In my opinion you just need to change the equation to
$#ZSC#= 3000?(0+(interpAccel(#DWE#, 1, 1.7, 0.5)*150)):0$

That way it can only ever play once when the 3000 steps is met

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I assume the animation has to play when a person looks at the watch the first time after the 3000 steps goal is reached. The change you suggest means someone has to be looking at the watch when it reaches 3000, that is going to be highly unlikely.

As for the original question, I don’t see a way without storing it in a VAR either…

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