Conditional: INCR, DECR, RESET for variables

@Facer_Official, @Orakix, and @cdownie1967, et al

Is there additional syntax (not yet documented), or newer features, that can control whether an action (INCR, DECR, RESET) is active?

This uses a toggle (based at centre) to enable/disable the other action areas (and wording) for theming …

This has a ‘lock’ icon, which disables any further theme changes …

@andrew.dowden hi!

A couple of help sections may be what you’re looking for:

Sorry, but no …

I have already read these repeatedly.

Oh I see what you mean now. The effect in these faces is sometimes achieved by moving the interactive areas off the canvas (i.e. x and y = LARGE_VALUE) when they should not be usable.

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