Conditional not working on App/Watch, but does on web Creator

I have a weird instance where a conditional will work and display correctly on the web Creator. However, on both the mobile app and watch the condition displays a different value.

I’ve double checked the conditional statement, and also set test points for the various tags. On the design I have 7 dates for the day of the month:

Current -3
Current -2
Current -1
Current +1
Current +2
Current +3

In the case of the Current + X dates, they will only calculate correctly on the creator:

The arrow points to current. The large text number in the top left is the check value for the #DIM# tag.

On the app and watch, I get the following dates 18, 19, 20, 21, 0, 0, 0

I’ve tried both versions of “=” and “==” in the conditional statement. In the web creator both versions work. Neither seem to work on the app or watch. Very weird.

Conditional Statement being used: ($#Dd#==#DIM#?3:#Dd#+3$)

Just shooting from the hip here… what happens when you try a double negative?