Conditional Range Image


I have a condition for showing steps and images based on percent using Opacity.

Image 1 shows 10% = $#ZSC#>=10?100:0$
image 2 shows 20% = $#ZSC#>=20?100:0$

Which works fine but I only want to show image 1 from 10%-19% and image 2 from 20-29%

How do I set a range in the condition please ? Thanks!


If the images can sit on top of each other use <

If you want to dismiss the previous image you will have to add a second conditional using && . I am not a Teacher and do not completely understand what you want to do. I will try make a little test for you.
Also the range of ZSC is 0 to Infinity . Commonly accepted as 10000 . so 20 = a walk to the Kitchen .

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Thanks for the reply so I cant keep the image showing as it would distraught everything as images show

10% is fine then if i turn on more layers it looks really bad.


Hey that is a nice Idea . So let me see you have 10 images you want to show over the 10000 steps range . Each image showing its progress round the ring rather than adding to the previous .

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Yes its steps% 0-100% over 10K step count is what im trying todo.


So here is a test . I have left the steps as the raw count rather than convert them to Percent .

Basically it is just a repeat of


Changing the numbers to Protect the Innocent .

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That’s great lemme give it a go thank you.

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Ok it all works except one issue so the first image =0 as below I wont to show when watch is turned on for example no steps presents I try but formula below it does not display when set to 0 steps on the slider.



Yea I am sorry I just wanted to keep it simple .
Make your first conditional


But you are going to have to change <1 to <1000 one step is going to get you Nowhere . My first step of the day is Made going to the Bathroom in the middle of the night .

While you are testing put #ZSC# in a text box so you can see what the simulator is giving you .
In fact put the = in all the layers . Sorry.

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Perfect thanks for your time and help much appreciated all working now for the Heart Rate :slight_smile:


Same as just be aware of the top number . I think the simulator gives you 200 max . I like to get 120 as the Median . but whatever . We use these things for fun not to tell us when to find a Doctor .