Conditional Statement in TEXT


Apologies if this is the wrong section - Also i am completely new to FACER.

I am trying to put a conditional statement in TEXT.

As a test i did the below and it seems this doesnt work.

$ 1=1 ? “1” : “0” $

I would expect to see the value 1 appear. Instead i get the full text of [$ 1=1 ? “1” : “0” $]

thanks in advance

This worked for me:


So I guess the spaces threw something off.

You can also try adding ( before and ) after.

Thanks Guys!

That worked!

I think the tutorial is wrong.

They have the below on the documentation

$ #Da# == "AM" ? 1 : 0 $

But this doesnt work.

the below does


Just in case you are interested i used the conditional and boolean logic to create the below.

Thanks for your help here.