Conditional Statement Problems

I feel like I’m going crazy trying to get any conditional statements to work. For a lot of the recent ones that I’ve tried, they just don’t evaluate properly. I’ve got multiple text fields for debugging and the debug fields are giving different results than what the conditional is doing.

Current example is (#DWFM#<180). When done in a text field it evaluates properly to true or false but in a conditional it always results in true no matter what #DWFM# is. Maybe it’s trying to do some sort of string to int conversion in the conditional, I don’t know the code but I’m getting the impression that it’s full of bugs.

I’ve tried out a bunch of conditionals that should logically work but just don’t. This is extremely frustrating!

Hi @adhesivewombat - sorry to hear about your frustrations! Could you paste in an example of a full expression that’s not working for you?

In the example you posted, try removing the parentheses around the boolean expression in the conditional, like this: $#DWFM#<180?1:0$

& thanks for helping to identify this issue, we’ll try to look for ways to make it less confusing!