Conditional temperature F/C

Hi guys! I’m working on a new design and I need help!

My idea is to show the temperature and according to the user’s preference, which can decide to show the scale in degrees celcius or fahrenheit, on the face simulate having a red light that shows the selected scale (as you can see in the image attached) . I will be very grateful to him or those who can help me!


I assume you are talking about weather current temperature: #WCT#

For text just use that tag: #WCT#

For lights (transparency):

If those 2 conditions will not work as they are right now, try following:

  1. change “==” into “=”
  2. delete " before and after the F
  3. try using small f
  4. Try using C instead of F

I am having a similar issue. Was there a solution to this? Wanted to check before I ran my own tests.

Just ran a test. The following works:


Its a little bit of a pain if you are testing for Celsius since it seems the website and Beta run on F. I’m curious if this is because default location is Los Angeles, USA? Doesn’t look like pulls from OS.

Thanks this works for me :slight_smile: