Conditional Transparent Image Not Working - Sync

I created a watch face with two images, one with a transparency set to the conditional

(#DH# > 14 ? 100 : 0)

and one set to the transparency set to

(#DH# > 14 ? 0 : 100)

They work fin on the creator website (toggling the images at 3PM).

When I sync them to my hardware neither image appears.

Any idea what’s up?

@nickstg not sure if this is affecting it but those parentheses should be dollar signs


No parens


Thanks, so far that seems to be working on the watch but not the website (the images just do not appear as if they evaluate to 0).

Just odd.

Right so your conditionals may be working. Look at the time in the slider at the bottom of the Creator. The time may be a time where your image is not visible. Now drag the time dot left and right though the whole day and see if your image pops up at different times


I tried that. The odd thing is it seems to work fine for some elements (such as a digital time display) but not for others (an image).