Configuring a progress ring

I’m designing a watch face which has tick marks around the edge, and I want them to slowly reveal as the seconds go by each minute. I’ve added a tick marks layer, and then put a progress ring on top. What I wanted to do was have the progress ring disappear to reveal the tick marks underneath. However, because of the way the opacity works, I can only get the tick marks to disappear, not appear, so it’s the reverse of what I wanted.

Any ideas?

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Welcome @djadams



for the FILL RATIO

I rather use arcs for this sort of thing .
Not I have lowered the Opacity so you can see what is going on .

Here is an Inspectable test .
Click on the Name of the face then the little Rocket on the left.

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Thanks Russell, I’ve give that a try.

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So basically it was as simple as putting a -1 in front of the fill ratio. Good tip, thank you.

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There is also a tick box to reverse the fill ratio.

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