Consensus on Noobs (me) making Premium Watchfaces

Hi all,

I wanted your opinions please. So I’ve gone premium and stayed their mainly because i like the extra watchbox storage but obvioulsy to preview some of the masterpieces you all create without any barriers for inspiration.

But my question is, Now Ive upgraded to Pro im delighted to be able to add things like Battery status icons and themes etc… But this sends my designs into the Premium category. How much does premium charge people for watchfaces? And is it considered annoying to put my Noob designs into the Premium Mix.

How easy is it to make 2 versions of a final watchface one Premium and one not?

Also, How does the sync data work. Ie in my Published designs view I have 16 syncs, then in my statistical view i have 140. The later I have confirmed I can influence by changing between my own faces myself. And then to my surprise I have a face @ #29 in the top 100 Premium faces. How does that work?

Thanks in advance.

As far as the new tools making a design premium, that’s unfortunately how it’s currently set up.

(As an aside, your Underworld watchface will probably get flagged for copyright, as it’s a premium design and not allowed)

Premium is a subscription that runs $4.99 a month, which gives you access all the premium faces people have made. It’s a balancing act deciding which designs work as free and which need those extra features (themes, etc) It’s a fairly new offering so I think everyone’s still figuring things out. Opening the tools to more people means more new innovative designs possibly. So, I wouldn’t worry about being annoying per se, but you should try to made the best designs you can. I think your Dashboard design is awesome, you nailed the red LED look and already got a handle on doing a speedometer/hour indicator.

As far as making 2 versions, a lot of designers do that, one with the features and one without. A lot of times they’ll release a watchface and feedback is given where people want the design, but in blue/etc. Again, keep in mind people have to pay to access the premium faces and unless its really unique/awesome there may be a free version out there already made.

Sync data? On the design page it lists your own syncs as well. I’m not sure the exact formula but I think it might be hourly. It’s still being tweaked since it was only showing the faces sold, now it includes premium designs. Either way, I don’t think you could sync your watch 1000 times and climb the charts that way. You can check on the stats page in the editor (Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more) and maybe find out more data that way.

Hope this helps!

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Excellent feedback, thank you. I’ll sort out the underworld one now.And make it non premium again :slight_smile:

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No problem, feel free to ask any questions anytime!

It’s a great community!

indeed, and this is surprisingly addictive.

Ok, So i’ve un-premiumed all my watchfaces but 4 of them still show up as premium in my collection. I guess it takes a while to propagate through?

It’s possible… not sure to be honest with the new system. I think prior to the change you had to have staff manually flip a switch to change it from “for sale” to “free”

EDIT: From what I’ve seen in inspection mode, you don’t have anything that forces premium mode (theme, complications, etc)

EDIT2: Shoot an email to: and they can see what’s up.

ok mate, will do. thank you

FYI, I got bored waiting for Support to resolve so I duplicated and republished all the premium watches.Then deleted the old. That worked :wink: