Constant Background GIFs


You can add /inspect to the end of any url to view it, provided again the option is enabled by the creator.

Sooooo, I think you could make it work making a “film strip” like so:

Then set the x position based on a timer:

You would have to calculate the width properly but I used this expression in the x position of the image:
((3509/2) - ((round(#DWE#*15)%11)*320))

3509 is the total width, divided by 2 because it is centered
#DWE# is the time since wakeup

  • 15 adjusts the speed
    % 11 <— 11 is the number of images in my animation strip
    and then 320 is the width of the image (and also of 1 frame)

Great idea mate i tried going down that route when i first read this query but as you can see from your on example the resolution drop is horrendous in fact you nice little anim is taken from 3200 pixels wide to 640 by the app so i decided not to offer it it is a shame tho cox i have hundreds of sprite sheets that would look cool but i cant be bothered to transfer to gif files.

640 is the maximum width? Bleh. That was a great idea though @ThaMattie!

i dont think 640 is the max, thats just the scaling it does… and the image was crap to begin with. you would just need to test it with bigger images i suppose

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well I guess it is, lol, that sux, back to the drawing board

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I’ve tried the animation strip route. Problem is with the upload conversion to 320 pixels. No matter the size of the image you are uploading, it will get resized on the longest edge. Trying to re-size back up doesn’t work effectively since the scaling gets blurry.

there is an expression generator someone made, you could add 300 seperate layers and use it to generate the opacity code:

Oh! thanks for that. I’ll take a look. I really appreciate you looking for me!


I was looking at your “simulated scrolling earth” and I tried using it on my watch face but the math doesn’t add up if the map has been resized. It doesn’t loop right it just scrolls on by and keeps going.
I need to resize it to 187x96 for my purpose, still at 160 Y position.

ok so the final size after importing to the face is? 187x96 or is that the size coming from your editor?

let know and i will do the maths for you ok

that is the size in the editor

Inspection on this demo face please @dazstacey?

sorry forgot inspection mode open

I can’t quite get it to work right in my situation

@dazstacey any ideas? I’ve been trying to figure out how to calculate the math so I can use this effect in the future for other projects. But for now, I wanna just get this to work.

can you open inspection mode so i can see where you are going wrong

I turned on inspection mode for ya

@HellionTRD You have a ‘160’ in front of (pre-pended to) the X position of map1 :slight_smile:
Guess the Copy & Paste gremlin did that for you :laughing:

Worked 100% once I removed that on your face.
The join-lines between the 2 images is quite prominent though. Not sure how to improve that; more overlap??
Perhaps it is just due to a colour difference between the 2 ends of the image used.

@mountain_lion ah that did it, and yes that line is pretty noticeable. I moved the X position over a pixel and it seemed to hide it a little more. Thank you!

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