Animation Expression Generator

Hey guys! I realized after making a few watch faces with animations that creating the expressions is a bit tedious. So I quickly wrote up a script with a little support from the team. Especially since the new engine will be released soon and animations will be buttery smooth! This is the recommended way to do animations coming from our android dev. Feel free to use this, fork it into something else, or improve on it. All the source is open.

don’t forget there are some great starting tutorials on animation that will give you a better understanding of how everything works, this will just make it easier!


Hello @Lukasz!

Nice elegant way in principle how to save time and be precise. For myself, I use plenty of pre-prepared expressions according to different animations (wake up, circles & rotation, sunset/ sunrise, etc.). Just to show you some of the “mess” I am dealing with at the moment… :slight_smile:


thank you sir

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