Constructive criticism

I would like to hear your feedback on my design’s, good and bad

Thanks in advance.

How do I find your designs? can you post some links?

Hopefully that works u would think that you would be able to just click my name and go to my designs.


OK Mike - so here’s my 2 cents for what it’s worth. Keep in mind I’ve worked professionally with PhotoShop through various points of my 30-year career for different reasons, in multiple stages of engineering - electrical, IT, software development, and web design. I’ve developed lots of creative content for some extremely picky (and annoying :smile: ) people.
First question: are you a PhotoShop user? Corel Draw? MS-Paint? G.I.M.P.? I think a tool like this is a must for highly detailed designs.

Let’s look at the Khost watch:

  • LIFTING FACES: If you are lifting faces from the internet, be mindful of the photograph angle and the focal point. At the bottom of the face you can see that it is out of focus.

  • SIZING OBJECTS: Try to be aware of the size of what these designs are going on. On your inner dials, I think those are red stars? Remember if it is hard to see in Creator, you’ll never see the detail on the watch. So maybe it’s not worth the effort and time spent to put it in.

  • STAY IN STYLE: Try to guess what the manufacturer would have done. You are adding battery level to the face, but the red font just doesn’t go with the rest of the face. WWRD? (What would Rolex do?). Maybe Rolex might have dropped a tab in the same style as the small dial to place the battery level. I’m not saying what I did is correct, I’m just saying it’s a design idea to be thought out.

-UNREALISTIC ADDS: The skeleton watches (GRANDOE) are hard because the faces are fantastic lifts photographically from the internet, but then it’s hard to add stuff. the digital time just floating with no anchor doesn’t look right. So maybe Louis might have added a plate or something for the digital time to sit on. I just made that goofy plate below that the 2:04 is on (and did a crappy job), but hopefully you see what I mean. Again, What would Lou M have done? Keep asking yourself this question.

-MAKE IT YOUR OWN: Everyone already knows you’re not wearing a $10,000 watch, so why try to copy it exactly? Avoid the copyright infringement and remove the manufacturer’s name and font if you can. I’ve played and sang in bar bands for more than 20 years playing rock and roll covers. We always made each tune our own with our own style. I think it’s more admirable to say you were inspired by… or you were influenced by… a particular design. Here’s my chrono (Left) and the real thing (center) - Breitling’s Navitimer Chronometre. Sure it’s not an exact match, but I’m more concerned about it looking like a “real watch” before worrying about it looking like the Breitling. 5300 syncs in 8 weeks - I’ll take it.

-MORE REALISTIC HANDS: If you dont have the wherewithal to spend a lot of time building more realistic hands, try some google searches for other hands. Even over at Watchmaker: I always make my own hands, but you could try some of these. they are downloadable zips of PNG files. Or use them as a starting point.

-MATCH FONTS (if you can): You can upload your own fonts into Creator so start scrubbing or for uploadable TTF files that match the style of the watchface you’re working on. It’s not easy but definitely worth the effort if you come across a real font gem.

hope this helps and was what you were looking for.



Thanks alot you helped me out more than you know. . I just started doing this so I have alot to learn. I like how you upgraded some of my work. If I knew how to do those things I would’ve. Now I know. I will keep in contact bro you seem to have a lot of knowledge regarding designing .


I haven’t used photo shop just my phone gallery editor. What photo shop would you say is best? Also I am very interested in designing faces for something extra to do would you say its profitable?

Photoshop is very expensive so u really need a good reason to buy it. There are other graphics editors you could check out. Just do some google research and see what you can find. Check out for a free online Photoshop-like editor.


I understand it’s hard to make a living as a graphic artist. Thanks for the tips bro I have been looking into a couple different apps. I agree very expensive. How did you add that plate to the Louis Moinet?


Mostly I stole pieces from other places on the watch. Let’s do a different one. How about the Q85… Immediately I can see that the “LV” laser cut at the bottom of the face is barely noticable because of lighting and there’s so much else going on in the image. Since the face already says “Louis Vuitton” across the top, why bother with the logo. I understand that the logo is a major branding for the LV company but we can use that real estate on the face for something else

With a super-zoom, I can copy from neighboring pixels to cover things I dont want

After masking out some of the bottom, I’ll steal a section from the outer chrome ring, so I have the same coloring.

Then, I’ll select and fill about half of that area being careful not to damage any of those dark shadow lines that define the area:

then I can copy that section, flip it, and paste it.

Next is where PhotoShop really shines. I’m using a Bevel& Emboss effect. To create a “similar” chromatic effect. I’m using a multi wave gloss contour, across a smooth structure style using global light at about 120 degrees (just left of center) to create that chrome plate. Chrome is very difficult to reproduce and every try is different.

You dont have to go crazy - remember you’re going to cover it with text. But anyway that’s kind of along the lines of my thinking.


After some thought i figured that you did that, you took the top plate filled it in and put it on the bottom great thinking. I get it but don’t know how to do all of what you did lol. How did you copy and paste that image. I am working off of my phone an S7 edge. I actually like the etching I try the faces on my watch before I go live. I try to make them more art, then I worry about functionality. Most of my design’s are for personal use. I’m not knocking your input I really appreciate you taking the time out to critique my work…


Mike the best resource to pick up these techniques is honestly on YouTube. Figure out what graphics tool you’re going to work with and just start watching tons of videos


Sounds like a plan thanks bro.