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Hello everyone, I have been designing faces on Facer for quite some time now. I have tried to contact Facer several times about becoming a creator partner and being able to charge for some of my faces. I have never received a reply. I am hoping someone at Facer can advise me on how that can be done.
I have no problem upgrading to the premium version but had some questions first. Hopefully someone can guide me in the right direction. I really love designing my faces so people can enjoy them on their watch. Thank you. (LR21)

To become a Creator Partner you must be a Premium Member and then it’s by Invite Only. You can’t ask to become a Partner, they have to ask you first. Which for me takes all the incentive out of becoming a Premium Member.

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Thank you for your response. Interesting. I was hoping to get at least a response. I noticed some accounts look like they just joined and have the pay tags on their faces. I was thinking they were related or family. I’ve been on Facer for a couple years and it would be nice to be able to have some of my faces with the pay tag. Thanks again!

The pay tags are really there because they contain premium features like user accessed conditionals. Those are the premium only features that you have to pay for to create or use.

Since I am a free user on the system I can not create any faces with the highlighted features and I can not sync any faces that contain them. That’s what the “pay tags” are designating.


Hi Iramos333,
As mentioned above, the pay tags designate that Pro tools were used. In addition, there is some information here: Become a Facer Creator Partner – How can we help?

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Perfect, thanks so much!

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